Oil Hauler Gloves

Posted by on 1/5/2018
Oil Hauler Gloves Are Not Just Used in Winter 

Chemicals and solvents such as oil and petrochemicals are TOUGH on your hands!  Some simple remedies to protect your hands and arms from potential catastrophic injuries are the consistent use of our highly sold Oil Haulers Gloves.  

In addition to chemicals, several types of hand injuries may occur in the oil and gas industries.  Worker's hands are suffering from pinching, crushing, cuts, and punctures.  For these reasons, manufacturers offer highly specific types of oil hauler gloves to protect workers from these injuries. Owner's of oil and propane delivery companies need to be aware of the many workman"s comp claims happening every year due to having inadequate hand protection while delivering winter fuel or propane year round. 

CoatingDouble Dipped PVC
ColorDark Green
Country of OriginPK
Cuff StyleSafety
ResistanceOil; Solvent
Size GroupLarge
StyleDouble Dipped Over Hi-Vis Orange
Wt.0.47 lb