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Safety Supplies Infographic

Workplace Injuries: Why You Should Be Protected

Workplace injuries occur every day, ranging from small injuries to injuries resulting in hospitalization or even death. There are several factors that contribute to these accidents, ranging from human error, lack of sleep and especially lack of workplace safety supplies, among others. Thankfully, there are many options when it comes to preventative gear that can mean the difference between life and death. Supplies such as safety glasses, hearing protection and even simple protection like work gloves are important to wear during tasks that are capable of harming the well-being of a worker. These supplies can actually be of tremendous value when it comes to preventing an injury or lessening the severity of it.

While many employers don’t take the time to make sure their employees are wearing the proper safety equipment, those who do provide suitable safety supplies and equipment for them are taking the appropriate steps to prevent a citation from OSHA. More importantly, employers are doing their part to impede a workplace accident. If every employer provides workers with the proper safety supplies and gear to outfit themselves with, workplace injuries will decrease and many injuries will be able to be prevented. By taking suitable safety precautions, workplaces will be able to focus more on performing better instead of handling workplace accidents.

The infographic we created, “Workplace Injuries: Why You Should Be Protected,” offers insight into the most common workplace injuries that could have been protected by wearing the right safety supplies. The top ten most dangerous jobs and workplace accidents are also listed in the infographic, as well as the distribution of injury cases. These show how most accidents occur and which parts of the body are most prone to injury when not protected.

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